Trust Services

We ensure that your international trust or any other fiduciary structures are efficiently and prudently implemented...

And administered in accordance with the independent advice received and in line with your wishes. The more common uses of trust structures are:

  • Avoiding probate in your country and other countries where assets may be located
  • Asset protection against unknown future creditors
  • Organized distribution of family wealth
  • Tax mitigation
  • Mitigate forced heirship rules
  • Safety, confidentiality and peace of mind.

Blue Financial Group is a responsible and qualified trustee of many types of fiduciary structures, providing a comprehensive yet tailored solution for our clients. For more information about regarding our subsidiaries and our corporate services and wealth planning solutions, go to:       

  • Trust Services

    A properly established trust structure could result in a more tax efficient solution which can have a major impact on your business, reaching higher financial objectives and sooner. For more information get in touch with one of our relationship managers.