Blue Bank International N.V., formerly known as Premier Bank International, N.V., along with its subsidiaries (“BBI”), was established in 1974 under the laws of Curacao and Saint Maarten.

Blue Bank International N.V.

Is a credit institution regulated by the Central Bank of Curacao and Saint Maarten (CBCS).

That offers a broad range of financial and banking services and products, for both individual and corporate clients. In addition to its own in-house expertise, it has an extensive network of external financial professionals, advisors, among others, in order to provide clients with custom made products and services on a local, regional and international level.

Our ongoing presence of the last 44 years is a proof of being a reliable partner in today’s complex financial world.


Blue Bank International N.V. (BBI) mission is to become a dynamic full-service financial institution, operating safely and profitably-generating returns higher than the cost of capital in each line of business-within a framework of shared integrity while delivering top of the line customer service, offering reliable, profitable, and innovative solutions and high quality products and services to individual and corporate clients, promoting strong long term relationships and attracting and nurturing the best human capital.


The group’s vision is to emerge as a reference in the Caribbean by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality, risk management and expanding our global reach and providing top of the line services through innovation and technology and to develop a corporate culture which attracts, empowers and provides growth opportunities for customers and our human capital while creating long term shareholder value.


BBI and its members comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and adhere to the following principles: Honesty, equity, confidentiality and security, decorum, loyalty, client orientation, discipline, responsibility, transparency, continuity and innovation. These values imply, avoiding any action that supersedes the institutions and/or the clients’ interests for an employee’s own benefit, acting in an impartial manner when carrying out our duties, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and security for our clients in all our dealings, respecting ourselves and our clients at all times, being loyal the institution and its principles, providing timely and careful attention to the requirements and commissioned works. Also it is key for BBI members to show strict compliance with the administrative rules in the exercise of our duties, disposition and diligence in our performance, be proactive and have a permanent willingness to be accountable and responsible for our actions, and to always look forward to innovating and providing the best financial products and services we can offer.

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