Other Services

We are always looking for better ways to adapt to our customers needs and help them achieve their goals. We see things differently. Let us know your problem and we will work together in finding a solution.

Cross-Currency Transactions

Through our correspondent banks, paying agents and commercial partners, we offer your business worldwide money transfers, trade finance solutions such as standby letters of credit, and currency transactions in general in all major currencies to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Operational excellence

Through our systems and processes, we ensure operational excellence and quality customer service to support our customer’s client’s payables, receivables and cross-border flows in general.

Derivatives and Structured Solutions

Structured products and derivative financial instruments are a great way to meet specific corporate customer’s needs and targets such as hedge, frequency of cash flows, investment horizon, among other elements.

In Blue Bank International, we offer our customers tailor-made structures and solutions adapted to their specific needs and of course, taking into account their unique profiles, horizons, goals.

Succeed, faster and conveniently

Our goal is to offer our clients products and services that help them succeed, faster and conveniently, with utmost confidentiality. Contact one of our relationship managers today.

International Payment & Collection Services

We offer your business, payment and collection services in general whether directly or through escrow like structures. Also, through our global network, we can be a reliable partner in international trade finance operations such as the issuance of standby letters of credit, foreign exchange, among others.

Transfer in any hard currency

Whether you need to collect or make a transfer in any hard currency or more sophisticated structures or trade finance solutions, Blue Bank International is the right bank for you.

Custody Services

Corporate customers who invest in financial assets such as equities or debt securities need someone to process purchases and sales of those assets, to hold and keep them safely, to receive dividends or interest payments on their behalf, and to alert the investor as to any votes or other actions the investor needs to take with respect to any particular investment.

Tell us what you need, your dreams, your goals. One of our relationship managers will show you the world of possibilities Blue Bank International has to offer.

Highest level of security

We offer your business, settlement, safekeeping, and reporting services of your marketable securities and cash positions. Your assets are kept at the highest level of security in Blue Bank.

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Join our privileged group of satisfied customers and gain access to our other products and services and to our network of professionals. Tell us how can we help you today and one of our relationship managers will gladly assist you.