Payment Methods

At Blue Bank International we offer your company a variety of options to manage your money.

Make payments, everyday purchases-whether at establishments or via online-transfer funds within accounts or to another beneficiary in any other financial institution and/or jurisdiction.

Wherever you are and whenever you want, move and use your business’ money freely and easily with Blue Bank’s payment methods. 

  • Credit Cards

    Use your Blue Bank Mastercard corporate credit card for everyday purchases at stores, online or establishments. Ask one of our representatives and let us help you find out the option that suits your needs.

  • Prepaid cards

    If you do not have a credit history, or you simply want to provide your employees with a payment method or allocate travel expenses in a secure way, Blue Bank Mastercard prepaid card is perfect for you.

  • Wire Transfers

    Manage the balance in your corporate accounts freely and easily through our network of correspondent banks and paying agents in America and Europe and through Blue Bank’s online banking platform.